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We are a husband and wife team that shares the same passion for freedom.  Freedom from having to rely on income from an employer in order to maintain our lifestyle.  Freedom to wake up in the morning and decide what it is we feel like doing that day.  Free from any predetermined schedule, or obligations.

Our primary objective is to build enough of a savings that we can live off the interest for the rest of our lives.  We will blog about our journey here as well as a few other topics of great interest to us that we feel go along with this major goal.

We have found great inspiration and enjoyment reading other peoples blogs that map out their path in life.  Hopefully you will find that in our blog.  Not to sound cliché, but you only live once and we hope that you are inspired and are exposed to ideas that you find new and exciting, or affirmation in what you are already doing yourselves.

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6 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hope you both are doing well. This is Robert from swheatrv. For some reason my e-mail on google+ has wiped out all my past messages. I still hope to get together sometime in the Dallas area if you are still interested. I have now been fulltiming for almost 2 months and love it but have dealt with some major ups and downs but it is still great. Hope to hear from you both. Today I just got internet at my site!?! Otherwise have cellphone but don’t use it for that much. Hope you are both doing well. I need to post sometime soon…..been busy…etc… Robert

    1. Hey Robert! Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. A lot has happened with the flooding in the Dallas area. We are actually up in the Pacific Northwest now and just decided this week that we are going to stay out on the road rather then returning to Texas for work so we will see how they feel about it. If they don’t approve we will just be out on our own. Hope all is well with you and we should definitely keep in touch. Looking forward to an update on your time on the road. Video request, discussing what your experience has been so far and what you feel has been the biggest ups and downs of the lifestyle :-) Are you still in the Dallas area or have you travelled on?

  2. Hello and good luck to both of your with your transition.
    I’ve enjoyed your videos and website.

    We are an older couple who will be retiring in the next six to seven years and share the goal of minimizing stuff, simplifying our life and perhaps buying an RV,

    I would be interested in a video tour of the exterior of your RV showing all those critical connections and features.

    1. Hey Paul,

      Thanks for the comment and the video request. I will film that and get something up by the end of July showing the connections and features you asked about. Sorry for the delay in response, we had a pretty crazy time there and have now repositioned to the Pacific Northwest from the Dallas area. We have been getting settled in and enjoying being in nature up here. We have quite a bit of video material, I just have to make the time to get it edited and published. Glad to hear you will be retiring soon and minimizing. One of the biggest surprises for us so far has been meeting other full time travelers and the great conversation and stories they share. Probably the most common statement we hear from those we come across is that they wish they would have done it sooner! Unfortunately we do meet quite a few that are out on the road because one of the couple has survived a bout with cancer and it really put things into perspective for them. We had a friend that passed away from cancer last year and that was the final catalyst for us to just take the plunge. Sorry for the long reply, but really glad you are enjoying the videos and will get that video up for you!

  3. Hi guys. Very excited about your hitting the road. Logan and I are hitting the road next month to move back to Dallas. Too homesick these days. Making travel arrangements & house hunting. Good luck to us all on our new adventures.

    1. Hello Jan,

      Thanks for the comment. That is very exciting indeed for you two! We know how difficult it can be to live in a place that just doesn’t fit quite right. Good luck on your travels and house hunting!

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